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“A good brand should be felt as well as seen.” I so want to share my experience with how to end up with really amazing pictures that turn out really very good when you look at them & trust me, I am not even exaggerating! There are a few steps that will make such a […]

“Be so good that they can’t ignore you.” Well said, you know how every word that is written above is absolutely true! Online dating is common these days and with so much competition and profiles from all around the world, the impression of your profile photo is the first thing that attracts attention. I’m sure […]

A headshot is one of the most basic services that photography studios offer. As we discussed in our previous article on updating your headshots, every business professional requires a visual introduction that captures their personal branding. This means that headshots need to get updated with every personal change, too. However, for a good headshot, a photographer […]

Your headshot is an important photo for any business professional. It encapsulates your personal branding that people will remember, especially since it is a visual introduction to someone. For instance, it reveals whether you are approachable if you smile or your professionalism if the background is your place of work. Thus, as you and your […]

First impressions are important. Your clients form an opinion of your business quickly based on your website and will make a decision whether they like or dislike your company. Thus, having a professional website with company headshots is important to give off a personable, trustworthy and professional appearance to your potential clients that will help […]

Photography is a way to share meaningful experiences to the world through images. Guided meditation allows people to discover their true purpose before a photo shoot through self-reflection, so that the photographer can capture real meaning for the person. Meditation also incites mindfulness, which breeds better photography in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area. […]

Let’s start with the basics, what is a personal brand? Think of it like this: when someone mentions Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Elvis Presley, or any other public figure, what does everybody think of? Most likely, there are common elements that are found in those answers. This is because they spend tons of hours trying […]

Whether it is for love, your career, your job or your life in general, you will always need an introduction. What does this mean? Let’s analyze this with examples. When you are trying to find the love of your life, you know what type of person is your ideal prospect. Right? It applies for work […]

The topic of personal branding has long broken into the marketing tools of many professionals and freelancers. In short, it is about building a solid image to support your career development, just as if you were a product but it is more than that, it is about leaving a mark, understood here as a legacy […]

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