Facial Expressions and the Photographer

There are two types of people in this world: people who love being in front of the camera, and people who hate it. If you’re anything like me, being in front of the camera makes you nervous, and half of the time you hate the photos once you see them. It can be so frustrating that you just don’t want your photos taken at all. However, special memories with loved ones can’t be replaced. Being able to go back and look at old photos is something that your children and grandchildren will cherish, and it is important that you get pictures taken in order for them to do so. You may ask, “How do I get photos taken without hating the outcome?”

Well, I’m here to help! One of the most common complaints I hear my clients say is, “I don’t like my expression in these photos.” Although a photographer can coax a smile or “great expression” out of a client some of the time, there are some things a client can also do to prepare themselves for a great expression. Here are some ways to get the perfect facial expressions that you are hoping for:

One thing you can do is find a photo of you or someone else exemplifying the mood and expression you want to convey. Hold this in your mind and provide it to your photographer. 

Another thing you can do is hold an idea or image in your mind of something that makes you feel relaxed, enamored, or thoughtful, or happy- whatever the emotion/expression you want to display.

Last, practice makes perfect! If you are really struggling to find a comfortable facial expression that you think looks best, try practicing in the mirror! Better yet, take your cell phone out and snap a few photos. Even if you’re not the “selfie” type, you can practice many different facial expressions, and delete the photos afterwards! 

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