How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot

Professional headshots are always suggested when your goal is to have a visual aide to gain success towards your future goals.  A headshot gives the prospective client the opportunity to have a first impression before they even get to meet you, so it important that it is up to date, and a true representation of the image of your brand.

Your Spring Wardrobe

When preparing for an upcoming headshot photography session, clients will often ask for recommendations on what to wear. I always recommend that clients dress in their very favorite professional outfit, so they feel as confident as possible. Clients should dress to bring out the great person they currently are, as well as the new person they are evolving into (even if we won’t shoot full body).

Prepare Yourself Mentally

I also invite clients to take time on the days leading up to the shoot to meditate and pay attention to their inner dialogues. The camera will always pull out the inner emotions that you are feeling, so it important that the clients take care of their confidence before being in front of the camera. The spring is a great time to step into a new mindset of what you want to call into your life and career. New photos are a true renewal, and some personal work on the clients’ behalf will allow us to take full advantage of this opportunity. 

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