Dating Profile Photos vs. Professional Profile Photos

Online dating has become an almost two billion dollar industry since the creation of the first online match site in 1995.  Today there are over 49 million users on various sites.  If you are serious about making a genuine connection, it would make sense that you pull out all the stops when optimizing your profile.  

Your photo is an initial attractor as potential matches scroll their search results.  It may not matter so much how attractive you are, but the quality of your photo makes a difference.  No bathroom mirror selfies, please!  

Headshots in the Photography Industry

Headshots within the photography industry are not new.  They have been used for everything from websites to business cards.  Recently, individuals have been seeking professional services for dating profile photos.  

Professional photographers are adept at capturing an individual’s personality – fun, flirty, relaxed, and natural.  Many photographers are also skilled in giving advice for posing, clothing choices, accessories, makeup, and settings.  Similar to capturing the emotion and authenticity of a couple on their wedding day, or the raw joy of parents with a newborn.  Photographers don’t change what they are photographing, they just capture their subject in the best possible way.

An Eclectic Mix

While professional photos can make you stand out in the online dating game, it’s important to also use a mixture of quality snapshot photos of yourself as well – celebrating with friends, enjoying a vacation, relaxing at home, or enjoying a hobby.   These lifestyle photos are necessary in showing that you are a real person with real experiences, and not a curated series of professional images.

If you are serious about the quality of matches you hope to attract through your dating profile, your photos will be a factor.  Consider critiquing your current photo array and revising it with a combination of professional lifestyle photos and quality real-life images.  Both are important and necessary, and differ in the story they tell and the tone they portray.  The balance will show those viewing your profile you are genuine and sincere.  

There is a distinct difference in the style of photography used for corporate headshots and online dating sites. Make sure you hire a professional who knows both! Make sure to get in touch! For most vivid photography contact Eli Zaturanski Photography today!

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