San Francisco Event Photography – Bat Mitzvah

Gaby’s Bat Mitzvah was unique in that the Bimah was organized and arranged in a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, not the traditional synagogue.  Although, not in the synagogue, the space was special and holy.  The amphitheater was packed full of loving and supportive family and friends for Gaby’s big day.  It was a beautiful day for such a joyous occasion and the natural light made for great Bimah portraits.  I was very impressed with the poise and maturity of Gaby.  I was inspired by how articulate and well spoken she was in the leading of the service.  

Gaby’s party that evening was a blast.  Full of fun and joyous laughter, it truly was a night to remember.  It was a festive occasion and everyone was enjoying the opportunity to celebrate and recognize Gaby coming of age.  The decor was classy but vibrant, with pops of pink throughout the venue.  Everyone took a time out to have their picture taken in front of the personalized step and repeat with picture perfect poses.  There was a ton of energy and lots of dancing that made for great candid images of the event.  It was an honor to be a part of this age old celebration.  I was thrilled to be the Event Photographer for such a special occasion and milestone moment for Gaby and her entire family.

Gaby’s Bat Mitzvah wouldn’t have been made possible without the following vendors that worked so hard to execute what Gaby wanted:

Stacey Dillon: party planner extraordinaire

Jeremy Weiss: Saturday lunch caterer

David Haydon: Saturday night caterer, Il Davide Restaurant,

Miguel Hightop: DJ 415-756-2856

Susan florist Fantasy Florals

Tatyana: face painter

To view pictures from this amazing Bat Mitzvah, be sure to keep scrolling below.  And to book your own Bat Mitzvah, be sure to get in touch.

Until next time,

Eli Z

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