Using LinkedIn Headshots to Improve Personal Branding

It is no secret that people judge each other based on first impressions.  Its the same when an employer checks into someone’s digital profile or meets them in person.  You are making an impression. This makes it very important to have a strong professional profile that casts a person’s Personal Brand in the most favorable light.

As you know, LinkedIn is the primary place employers go to vet their candidates.  When creating a profile, you want to standout from you competition.  You can do this by incorporating unique elements that separate you from your competition.  San Francisco is a market that has a lot of opportunity as well as a lot of qualified and driven individuals.  Give the employer an idea of who you are as a person as well as your accomplishments with visual brand appeal.

Personal branding in San Francisco is critical.  It is important to include personal branding with photos on your profile that gives the employer a positive perception of you.  Your image is just as important as your accomplishments.  Because this photo makes such an impression on the employer it is important to get a quality photo.  Make sure to use a photographer that understands what you need and can capture your personality and project the image of you that reflects your personal brand.

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