The Right Wardrobe for Men’s Startup Headshots

So you are in the startup world and want to know the attire to fit in and make the best impression.  Its important to get the best headshots for startups in the bay area specifically. The dress code is different at different sized startups from seed/early stage, mid-stage, and late stage/pre-ipo.  When making a first impression on someone based off a headshot, it is vitally important that your clothing convey that right message.  Each stage is unique in its own way, and it will prepare you for picking out the perfect clothes for your headshots.

If you are still in the early stages, then I would suggest mirroring someone such as Morgan Brown – casual, cool, and even a bit punky. You want to look definable and like you know how to think way outside of the box. This is going to reel the audience by showing off your potential. This is how you make the perfect headshot for an early stage startup.

The mid-stage is corporate casual with a dash of hipster. You want to keep it professional, while not taking yourself too seriously. A plaid button up shirt with leather shoes or sneakers will do just the trick! Make your mid-stage startup photo look perfect.

When you finally get to the late stage startups/pre-IPO you want to be on the verge of corporate attire, but still with a flare. You don’t want to put on that suite and tie quit yet. A great example of this is Sean Ellis or anyone at Salesforce. All of the corporate images from Google of their people. So you are now a corporate professional. You need the corporate professional headshot to make you look like one.

In conclusion. Its vital to look the part. Showing up and looking like you are supposed to be there will win you more opportunities and more deals.

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