So you want to be a (photo) shooting star?

I want our session to be all about you: be the star! But since many of my clients may be new to professional photography shoots, I would like to offer some suggestions to consider before showing up for the session.

  1. Sleep. Get plenty of rest the night before. You don’t need to worry about much more than that –  you just need to show up. It is called “beauty sleep” for a reason so plan to take the night off before our day together (or for afternoon shoots, take some time to unwind/slow down before we meet up). 

2. Alcohol. Avoid it. It is dehydrating and dulls the skin and eyes. 

3. Makeup. It is not required for everyone but if you do intend to apply it, you may do so at home or bring it with you to do at the shoot. If you are unsure, bring some and we can try it out – a little makeup can be a great enhancer in photos. 

4. Wardrobe. plan ahead and bring a few different outfits. Some days and lighting might make a certain color look more flattering on you or you may want a variety of styles to show various aspects of yourself.

5. Location: you have a number of options available, but please let me know if you prefer an outdoor or indoor shoot. Some outdoor locations have included Tilden Park, Cesar Chavez and Lake Merritt. Indoors can be at your home, office or a photography studio that I rent. If we are shooting outdoors, be prepared for weather changes and plan your outfits accordingly. 

6. Changes: I would suggest holding off on any dramatic haircuts, facials, or cosmetic procedures before the shoot. Give yourself at least a week after any of these changes to acclimate. Even if you are just planning to get your hair professionally styled, try it out in advance to make sure the stylist knows what you are going for and there is time to correct anything that turns out less than you would have liked. 

7. Hydrate: drink as much water as you can the day before. Coffee drinkers, make sure to rehydrate before the shoot as well (and maybe bring a toothbrush to take care of coffee residue from the morning espresso).

You’re ready to shine!

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