Some Tips to Help You Plan Your First Fashion Photo Shoot

Planning your first fashion photo shoot can be both exciting and intimidating. After all, you want to make sure that your photos come out looking great, and you want your models to look their best. Fortunately, with a little bit of forethought and preparation, you can ensure that your fashion photo shoot runs smoothly. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

1. Be Inspired

In fashion photography, you get to play by your own set of rules; you can utilize any style of photography, from portraiture to fine art to still life to street photography, to create stunning images. Given the abundance of options, it’s usually a good idea to start by doing your research if you’re new to the world of fashion.

You can research the work of high-end photographers who are headquartered in any of the leading fashion capitals of the world—London, Paris, Milan, or New York—by picking up a magazine or going online and looking up their portfolios. Pay close attention to the particulars in each of the well-known photographers’ portfolios in order to get knowledge from the industry’s most accomplished practitioners of the art of photography.

2. Establish a ‘Mood Board’

Create an idea for your own photo shoot once you have a solid understanding of the creative options available to you in the field of fashion photography. Creating a mood board is a wonderful way to get started. Mood boards are a helpful resource that can be used to consolidate all of your thoughts into one location and present your concept to other creative individuals.

You can construct a mood board digitally using a computer or go retro and create a physical duplicate using paper, scissors, and glue. Provide photographs and ideas for each component of the shoot that you intend to do, including lighting, styling, hair and makeup, location, models, and postures.

3. Discover New Talents

Putting together a fashion shoot takes a crew. The vast majority of photographers will collaborate with a model, a stylist, a hair stylist, and a makeup artist in order to bring their visions to reality. In more extensive productions, you might even have set stylists and assistants working with you. Determine what kinds of skills you will need on your crew to bring your vision for the shoot to fruition.

Once you have an idea of the members that will make up the core of your team, the next step is to look for creatives in your area and then get in touch with them. Go through the pages of the local magazines and pay attention to the photo credits in order to identify the photographer or photographers that contributed to a specific image. You may also seek people you would like to collaborate with by looking through social media platforms and looking for relevant hashtags.

4. Assemble the Working Team of Your Dreams

After you have created a shortlist of potential talents, the next step is to review their portfolios to obtain a clearer picture of their abilities and sense of style. Collaborating with others with comparable levels of experience is a smart move so you may develop a solid, devoted network and advance together.

Have a conversation with them about your idea, and be ready to consider some of their suggestions when finalizing the hair, makeup, styling, and set.

5. Create a Storyboard

The day of the shoot can provide a number of logistical challenges. For you to make the most of the time you have available, you need to ensure that you have a crystal clear understanding of how the day will proceed.

You should begin by sketching out a storyboard to plan out the different looks you intend to record. This will guarantee that you obtain the photographs you require to improve your portfolio or fulfill your client’s requirements.


Planning your first fashion photo shoot can be a daunting task. However, by following some tips, such as choosing your theme, researching your ideas, creating a mood board, scouting the perfect location, and organizing your team, you can ensure that you have everything in place for a successful day of shooting.

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