Bay Bridge – Company Branding Headshot and Culture

When it comes to advertising for your company, one of the most critical aspects is making a lasting impression that will leave your future clients intrigued and wanting more. That’s why head shots and company images are so important. Whether you are using it for your company website or your LinkedIn account, this is your chance to make the first impression you need.

To get a good headshot, keep in mind that your appearance represents your brand. Think about your company’s core values, and try to reflect on that in your photo. In order to do so, the right location and the perfect outfit are key components. Pick a location that isn’t too busy, but also has a little personality as well. is a great website if you are in need of location ideas. A wall with a pop of color or maybe an outdoor session would do the trick. Your outfit should reflect your character, so wear something that you feel comfortable, yet professional in. After all, we tend to get nervous for photos, so it’s important that you are wearing something that makes you feel beautiful or handsome. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Sometimes a professional headshot is all you need, but a non-traditional headshot can be powerful as well. Your future clients may appreciate how relatable and fun you are. 

We recently had the amazing opportunity of working with Bay Bridge Capital Group to capture head shots and company images for them. I was very impressed by these guys, as they had such amazing work ethics. Their communication was excellent, and we were able to make a plan for the session right away. To choose a location, we used We were able to find the perfect location that fit the company’s style and energy! I loved this team’s willingness to let loose and have fun. We were able to get traditional head shots, as well as some unique company images of them doing what they love – playing in a band, getting into a game of chess, Mardi Gras, and so much more fun photos that will definitely have their clients smiling! I ended up loving these guys so much that I actually ended up using their services for my personal finance planning. They seemed highly trustworthy and experienced, so there was not a doubt in my mind. All in all, we got some amazing photos for the folks over at Bay Bridge. Their website is if you are interested in looking into their financial services. 

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