The Fun of Free Style Photography

The holidays offer a great opportunity to play around and practice using new equipment or settings on your camera.  There is no pressure to capture that perfect image when you are the photographer in the moment with a group of friends.  They will just be happy to have something tangible that reminds them of the fun time everyone had together and it allows you to have some fun doing what you love, with the people you love.  

I did just this over New Years 2018.  My friends and I had a great time hanging out and sharing the things we love with one another.  Some of us love to cook, others love to sketch or paint, yoga was a fun activity for the participants as well as on lookers.  These activities were a great chance for me to capture images of lifestyle photography as well as food photography.  

Our hikes lent themselves, not only to exploring the beauty of our surroundings but an opportunity for me to capture some gorgeous landscape images and fun candid portraits of my friends.

To capture a beautiful image of any of these moments, it was important to be aware of the lighting from one environment to the next.   Understanding the settings on your camera is also a key element to producing the perfect picture.  Each setting is specific to the way the light interacts with the subject of the image.  Knowing and understanding these settings and the different types of lighting are key to creating a picture worth printing.

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