6 Things You Need to Set Up a Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are an important coming of age ceremony in the Jewish tradition, signifying the recognition that the individual has reached the maturity to own responsibility not only within themselves, but also within the Jewish community. Traditionally, this means a large community celebration honoring the individual that has reached b’nai mitzvah. This celebration involves many details and is something that should be well documented. Here are just a few of those all important details you don’t want to forget.

  • A Venue– you will need a large space to hold the celebration. Hotels and country clubs are great venues to rent for these type of events.
  • Bar Mitzvah Gift/ Bat Mitzvah Gift- the occasion calls for those attending the celebration to honor the guest with a gift.  Common gifts usually include religious items, books with religious or educational value, savings bonds, or gift cards.
  • A Professional Photographer – this is an important milestone event. You will want to have it documented properly. Hire someone with your style, who understands the traditions and knows the most important moments to capture ceremonially, and can also document candid interactions among guests as they enjoy the bar mitzvah party. Be sure and hire a local photographer, such as Eli Zaturanski. Eli is available for San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland and the surrounding areas, and will be sure you get a fantastic collection of images for your photo album.
  • Bar Mitzvah Invitations – you have lots of options in this digital decade.  First, decide if you want to mail out hard copies or go with an email invite.  One this choice is made, find the design you like and send them out to your guest list.
  • Food and Drink – decide whether you want traditional Jewish dishes, a theme for food, or a mixture.  It will then be important to hire a caterer in the area that can bring your vision to light.

Ceremonial elements – the most important part of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is the religious element. Be sure that you have the crucial people for the ceremonies and traditions in order as well as all of the odds and ends and other details.

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