Get Professional Headshots for your Corporate Team to Increase Brand Value

In this day and age of social media, every business seems to have a visual presence online. Analytics have shown the “about” page of your website, or meet our team, is often the most visited.  Potential clients today aren’t choosing to work with businesses, they are choosing to work with people.  And having your image compliment the brand you represent, as well as the customers you wish to attract, is so very important.

Business headshots should reflect your company’s branding. The image of formal studio portraits would be so valuable for several positions within your company, but maybe you have tended to shy away from this type of photography because you feel it is not the right message of how your business operates. Even companies known for their corporate culture such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google, have professional headshots done, but the style is less formal; including open collared shirts, polos, the absence of neckties, and more natural backgrounds. If relaxed and friendly is the image your business aims to represent, a professional photographer can achieve this style of portraiture.

Images can be repurposed across multiple platforms.  In addition to featuring business headshots on the company’s website, these images can also be used for annual reports, editorials, press-releases, company events, and social media.  Customers will begin to associate the look and feel of your professional team’s headshots and readily recognize your brand.

Consider including the whole team. Depending on the size of your company, you may be featuring only the executive team, such as your CEO, CMO, CTO, and CFO, on your website.  Smaller companies may wish to also highlight support team members that would be interacting with your clients.  In this case, work to have all team members photographed so branding is cohesive, and everyone feels they are a valued member of the team.

Value professional photos of your employees the same way you invest in your logo, your website, and your copy.  The images of your staff members will speak volumes to potential customers letting them know who they will be working with and will draw them in with values such as confidence, positivity, cohesiveness, and professionalism. You get what you pay for. Hiring a professional photographer, namely Eli Zaturanski, is an investment in your brand and your business. Eli has the skills to make your team look authentic and confident, and will often edit the images so everyone looks their best without having the appearance of being heavily retouched. Image-size and quality will ensure the photos are usable in multiple forums, and the photographers also have an archive of their work should something happen to your company’s network and local images cannot be retrieved. Let Eli help you achieve the highest level your company can reach.

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