Eli Zaturanski- Must haves for a holiday party in SF

   Fall is here and the holidays are fast approaching. It won’t be long before everyone is caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, trying to plan holiday parties, coordinate gatherings, and pick up last minute gifts. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and if you’re planning a holiday party for your business or company, now is the time to get the ball rolling. Below is a list of must-haves for a successful holiday party in San Francisco:

  • Theme selection: Everyone loves a good themed party. It’s fun and light, and helps liven things up. It brings everyone together in a similar fashion, and creates unity among the guests. You can even make a contest based off of who came best dressed for the theme. Have fun with it!
  • Music selection: Of course holiday music gets people in the spirit, but you may want to mix it up with some fun and interactive music as well. Consider your audience and what will be the focal point of the party. Is the music going to be more of a background filler, or would a live band or DJ be more up your alley? Consider the vibe you want to create.
  • Venue selection: How many people will you need to accommodate? Are you looking for a full service venue that will set it all up, or will you rent out the space and hire your own vendors? There are tons of great venues in the area that will fit your different needs, but be sure you start looking into it sooner rather than later, as some places book up fast around the holiday season. Try searching Holiday Party Venues San Francisco for some great locations.
  •  Menu preparation: Will you cater a full meal, have just light hors d’oeuvres, or tables set up with snacks? Will you do a sit down dinner, or would you rather your guests be free to mingle and eat on the go? When choosing food, take these things into consideration and try to select things that aren’t too messy or formal if you go the mingling while eating route.
  • Specialty cocktails: A fun bonus to the food and fun is a specialty cocktail. Think about the drinks you’ll serve, and consider tailoring at least one to your theme or business. This makes a fun and personalized experience for your guests, and can easily become one of the highlights of the event.
  • Invitations: Make sure you have the details of your event finalized and in writing in time for your guests to be sure they’re able to attend. Be clear on the type of event, any specific attire (formal, casual, themed), whether it’s family friendly or if arrangements need to be made for kids, etc.
  • Highlights of accomplishments throughout the year: A holiday party is the perfect time to sum up the great year your company has had. Pictures, slideshows, a heartfelt speech, or an awards presentation will really make your guests feel they are appreciated. Consider different ways to honor them and really make it a special evening.
  • Photographer to capture all the key moments: Last but not least, make sure you hire a dependable professional photographer to document all the little details of your event. Consider incorporating a photo booth so your guests can take some fun and silly shots, and contact Eli Zaturanski Photography, a fabulous event photographer in San Francisco, as he will be sure to capture all the special moments of the party. Eli has done some amazing work in San Francisco Photography, Event Photography, Corporate Photography, as well as Freelance Photography. He knows how to capture the perfect memories from your Holiday Party. Your guests will thank you!

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start making plans for your upcoming events. I hope this list will help you check off all the details, and your holiday party goes off without a hitch!

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