New Business Headshots are a Must

Business headshots are an important tool.  They need to standout, be different from the standard headshot that most photographers take, where they ask you to come in, stand on the X, and give the exact same image for every client.  Your headshot should catch the eye of the employer and make an impression that says something about you.

Online profiles are the way of today.  Whether interacting socially or professionally just about everyone uses some sort of online networking to promote themselves.  In the professional realm, the majority of people use a LinkedIn Profile.  It is imperative that your LinkedIn photo reflect the image and brand that you see for yourself.  The best LinkedIn profiles have the best Linked In profile photos, so be sure to have the best profile picture you can.  Arrange a studio session with a professional photographer that will capture your vision and help you put the best image of you out there.   They have the right equipment, such as lights and backdrops, as well as skill, to separate you from the crowd.  They can help you create a creative and unique way to visually represent yourself with the best profile pictures.

Eli Zaturanski is wonderful at capturing the best profile photos and making sure his clients look great.  He is a master at bringing the individual’s image to life and capturing their brand.  Take a look at the examples below and then head over to our contact page to book a session or ask us any questions.  Allow us to help you take your business headshot to the next level.

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