Client Questionnaire

Hello everyone! I love getting to know my client’s expectations and preferences from the start. It helps center our focus on our collective goals for the session. Personal relationships are vital when it comes to photography. The more I can learn about you, the more personal I can make this creative process we are about to embark upon together. Take a minute and mull some of these questions over! 

Personal Information

  1. Full Name:
  2. Best email to reach you:
  3. Phone number:
  4. Requested date:
  5. Type of session:

Business Details

  1. Website:
  2. Type of service/product you sell:
  3. Purpose for these images:
  4. Social Media Handles:
  5. 3-5 words that best explain your goals for this session:
  6. What do you want to portray through these images:

Photoshoot Details

  1. What would you like photographed (i.e., headshot, staff headshots, action/candids, location details, etc)?
  2. What type of location would you like to shoot at?
  3. Do you have any product images you’d like to have included?
  4. Date interested in booking:
  5. Any other pertinent information that may be useful?

Questions?  Call, text or email!



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