10 Indicators That It’s Time to Update Your Headshots

Your headshot is an important photo for any business professional. It encapsulates your personal branding that people will remember, especially since it is a visual introduction to someone. For instance, it reveals whether you are approachable if you smile or your professionalism if the background is your place of work. Thus, as you and your personal branding changes, your headshot must change. There are 10 key indicators that it’s time to update your headshots to truly reflect your personal branding.

  1. Physical change: Have you changed your hair color? If your headshot was taken more than 5 years ago, most likely you have physically changed. Whether it is from aging, a haircut or losing weight, your headshot should accurately reflect who you truly are.
  2. Style change: A lot of people wear clothing that they like in their headshot. However, their opinion on their styling choices might have changed. Perhaps they don’t like the shirt that is captured in the photo. This means that it is time to update your headshot to show your real style.
  3. Personal branding change: Is your business different? Have you changed the aesthetic of your brand? It is time to reflect that change by taking an updated headshot that better represents you and your personal brand.
  4. You feel embarrassed when sending in photos: If you ever feel embarrassed when you send in your photo to someone, this means that you don’t actually like the photo! Update your headshot and take photos that you can be proud to show people.
  5. You don’t have a professional headshot: A photo that was taken on a phone by your friend will not suffice as a professional headshot. You need a professional photographer who understands how to take pictures with the correct lenses, angles and cameras to give you the best photo that represents your brand.
  6. Your current headshot is pixelated: Your headshot should be high quality and clear for anyone who sees it. It should not be blurred by pixilation. Take a new photo with a photographer who can provide you a clear photo to show people!
  7. Background change: The background of your photo also shows people who you are. If your headshot background is the place of your work, it can show that you are professional. If you stand behind a neutral background that is traditionally used in headshots, it could indicate you are trustworthy and reliable. Your background shows your personal branding, which is why you need to change your background if your personal branding has changed.  
  8. Overexposed Photo: Some headshots can be overexposed, so you can’t clearly see the details on of your face. This makes it hard for people to actually connect with you, so your headshot should not be overexposed or underexposed.
  9. Photo filters: Some photographers apply a black and white filter that removes color, which makes the person focus only on the person in the headshot. However, you might want a picture with color that can better represent your personal branding.
  10. Smile: Did you like your smile? Does it seem forced? Did you even smile? Do you want to smile to better match your personal brand? A smile shows a lot about someone’s personal branding. If you smile, it might show that you are happy to work, personable, approachable. If you don’t smile, it might show that you are serious and professional. Depending on your personal brand, you might want to update your headshot to include a smile or not.

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