3 Tips on Guiding a Client to Discover Themselves Through Photography

Guiding your client through a photo shoot is fundamental to photography. Most photographers are unaware that they innately do it. This involves helping the client reflect on who they are and realize what they can do, being comfortable in front of the camera and getting into the right position. This skill is important for all photographers in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area, because it develops images that captures the client in the most authentic and purposeful way based on the goal of the photo shoot.

  1. Get to Know Your Client

The best photos are taken when the client feels comfortable with the photographer, which results in more candid looking photos. A photographer can try to create a comfortable atmosphere by getting to know the client. Before the photo shoot, do guided meditations that will reveal the client’s dreams and purpose for having their photos taken. It encourages them to dream and realize everything they can do. This can lead to better personal branding and awareness of the client’s intended message. Afterwards, ask questions that do not relate to their goals. For instance, “what’s your favorite restaurant?” or “have you seen this movie?” Establishing a personal and friendly relationship will help the client feel more at ease to pose for photos, so you do not have to guide them to look less uncomfortable. A photographer who doesn’t focus on interpersonal relations will only rely on technical aspects of photography like lighting, angles and camera settings, but the outcome is less authentic. A photographer who focuses more interpersonal relations and tries to understand the client will take better portraits, because there is better communication to break through insecurities, fears and goals.

2. Take Clients to a Comfortable Space

Most people are not used to being in front of a camera, so take people into a space where they feel seen, loved and ready to express themselves in front of a camera. Whether clients are being photographed in public or in private in Oakland or the San Francisco Bay Area, they need to feel relaxed. Once they feel relaxed, there is a moment where they will forget their surroundings, which will allow them to be more playful in front of the photographer. This is where they also realize that their dreams can be actualized, and photography helps capture their dreams. There are a few ways to make your client feel relaxed. For instance, giving a client compliments will help them feel more secure in their space. You can give encouragements like “Your pose is great! Keep it up!” or “Beautiful smile!” Guiding your client is not just about directing people, but also making them feel welcomed in their space to discover who they are.

3. Give Feedback and Directions

Some photographers will just allow the client to do what they want and capture those actions with minimal coaching. Clients are often not used to being in front of the camera nor understand how to pose correctly. However, a photographer will know the best way to pose in order to best capture the message of the photo shoot. Thus, don’t be afraid to give good directions and guide them through the photo shoot. For instance, you can tell them to move backwards for better lighting. Of course, the photographer should have a nice tone when guiding them through various poses. A client doesn’t want to be yelled at for directions when the photo shoot is supposed to be a safe and comfortable space.

Guiding your client to discover themselves through photography is often overlooked, but it truly makes a difference in capturing the best photos in Oakland or the San Francisco Bay Area. It helps the client realize who they are and feel comfortable in a photo shoot while the photographer can also get the best possible angles and poses for photos.

If you’re a client in Oakland or the San Francisco Bay Area interested in discovering yourself through guidance in photography or if you’re a photographer in Oakland or the San Francisco Bay Area interested in learning how to take the best photos for clients while guiding them through a photo shoot properly , schedule a 20 minutes consultation or give Eli Zaturanski a call at 415-312-0307. You may also visit my website to look at my portfolio experience.

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