Personal Branding and Coaching through Photography

The topic of personal branding has long broken into the marketing tools of many professionals and freelancers. In short, it is about building a solid image to support your career development, just as if you were a product but it is more than that, it is about leaving a mark, understood here as a legacy that we sow in the world through our work, and that is distinctive.


Coaching is important when it comes to personal branding, we could define it as a discipline that brings us closer to achieving goals, allowing us to develop personally and professionally. It is a competence that teaches and helps you think differently, improving the communications you maintain and deepen yourself. There are different ways to express that life changing process, one of those is through photography, using it as a tool and communication channel you will be able to express who you are and how you want project yourself.


There are some aspects that you will need to work on or that perhaps you have already worked on and now it is time to give the best of yourself to put it into practice:

  • Awareness: Bringing awareness on yourself is one of the first steps when you want to start this journey, awareness of the surroundings around, of the ways you are using to express yourself, of your own beliefs, and more. The more aware you become, the more life will make sense in terms of personal and professional development. It is like an eye-opening and from there you will start to realize which aspects of your being no longer serve the person you are intended to become.
  • Being aware does not mean everything is about happiness neither the world will give you everything what you need. Being aware means that you are conscious of your strengths and weakness, conscious of the different ways you have, being conscious of the duality within yourself and within the world around you. There is no good or bad, it is us as human beings the ones creating concepts that we need to live or survive. It would be good to start creating concepts that serve the greatest of your being and that will serve others as well.
  • Self-belief: Believing in yourself is as important as breathing, is one of the first dozes of energy you must have. Believe in your power of doing things, believe you have a purpose and that as you grow and evolve as human being, that purpose will be changing. Believing in oneself is not about ego, is about embracing the best of yourself to make it grow. When you put it into words, it may sound easy to do but the truth is that is everything but easy. We are part of a society that make us believe that nothing is enough, and we are constantly needing more and more, more of some products and more acceptance from others.

If the answers are not so positive, why do not start working on finding the best version of yourself, as said before, it may not be easy and in some point, you may want to quick and leave the process, but it is just normal, is not nice to confront ourselves. There are different tools that you can learn, and you will develop as you progress.

  • Responsibility: It is all about being committed with yourself and your personal and professional development. When we start a personal and professional development process, we want others to give us always the answers and solve our problems. That is something quite impossible to find, but what we as human beings can do, is to ask for help, to get consultancy from professionals and start developing and implementing tools to change and improve aspects that require that change.

As in every process, there are ups and downs and is in those moments when you have to be much more committed because is there when you will start to see the progress and what you have learnt and what you will need to reinforce.


What if you could actually do the above mentioned with some fun included? Let’s talk about photography and how you can tell your story through it, how you can be who you want to be through the right photos and images. First impressions matter and it is important to analyze if your profile is giving the message you are intending to give.

Most people have never been professionally photographed, and their photos just do not send the right message. There are many reasons for that and in the process of discovering yourself, arising your awareness and self-belief, you will start to create the right message through specialized branding photography that communicates your strengths while you have fun and enjoy the journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

If you’re interested in personal branding and a professional photoshoot in the San Francisco Bay Area, Schedule a 20 minutes Consultation or give me a call at 415-312-0307. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!


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