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Online dating has become an almost two billion dollar industry since the creation of the first online match site in 1995.  Today there are over 49 million users on various sites.  If you are serious about making a genuine connection, it would make sense that you pull out all the stops when optimizing your profile. […]

A profile picture used to be thought of as simply a vantage point of how a photo was taken- usually the side view of a person’s face. In this modern day of technology, however, profile pictures have taken on a whole new meaning and life. A profile picture is the default photo displayed on everything […]

Photo sessions are fun, but the best part is receiving the final product after the session. Having a ton of great ones to choose from is a good problem to have, but once you’ve narrowed it down, here’s a step-by-step guide of how to choose, send, and have your favorites edited: Hover over the bottom […]

Dating in today’s world is drastically different than it was just a few decades ago. With the invention of the Internet, chat rooms, social media, and the like took over and became a one-stop shop for communicating. Once smart phones entered the scene, face to face interaction became even more obsolete. Dating as we know it was now […]

   Fall is here and the holidays are fast approaching. It won’t be long before everyone is caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, trying to plan holiday parties, coordinate gatherings, and pick up last minute gifts. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and if you’re planning a holiday party […]

Business headshots are an important tool.  They need to standout, be different from the standard headshot that most photographers take, where they ask you to come in, stand on the X, and give the exact same image for every client.  Your headshot should catch the eye of the employer and make an impression that says something about […]

Who says the office cannot be merry and bright during the holiday season too? A happy and uplifting work environment makes for happier employees and yields higher production. So, take a look at some of these ideas to keep your work place a good place that everyone wants to be as the holidays approach. You can do anything from […]

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are an important coming of age ceremony in the Jewish tradition, signifying the recognition that the individual has reached the maturity to own responsibility not only within themselves, but also within the Jewish community. Traditionally, this means a large community celebration honoring the individual that has reached b’nai mitzvah. This celebration […]

In this day and age of social media, every business seems to have a visual presence online. Analytics have shown the “about” page of your website, or meet our team, is often the most visited.  Potential clients today aren’t choosing to work with businesses, they are choosing to work with people.  And having your image […]

You’ve made the great career decision to have your headshots professionally done, now the all important issue of what to wear? The first and foremost thing to consider would be your profession. Obviously, a corporate attorney would want to portray a more high end, tailored, and polished look; while a personal trainer would most likely want […]


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